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HAIL LORD ZAP ZAP by Phoenix0117
Just a quick design I threw together to rep the best team ;) HAIL LORD ZAP ZAP!
I have a Fallout themed project on the go now!
The Twilight Guitar is finished and up! Hopefully that can generate some commissions *cough cough I'm a poor college student*
Twilight Sparkle Electric Guitar by Phoenix0117
Twilight Sparkle Electric Guitar
I`m back! So I really needed to get my creativity out and this time I designed an electric guitar inspired from our favourite Princess of Friendship!

The Princess Twilight cometh! Behold, behold! A Princess is before us! Behold, behold, behold! The Princess Twilight cometh! Behold, behold, behold, behold! The Princess is, The Princess is here!
Yes I did just quote her coronation song ;)

I`ve been working on and off on this one for a while now and after seeing the season 5 finale I felt I NEEDED to get this put together! I MEAN HOLY %/$"* THAT FINALE WAS AMAZING. I can`t stop feeling over it and honestly wanna just watch it over and over. THE ALTERNATE DIMENSIONS!? SO AWESOME. Anyway, onto the rest of the description. xD

The body I designed and machined out of spruce. I did all of the painting for this myself and honestly it is probably the most painstaking part. The corner accents of the book are gold vinyl decals I cut. I considered painting them on but I found it to be much simpler to make it out of vinyl. I also made the cutie mark on the headstock out of vinyl. The unicorn amulet piece on the book cover is CNC plasma cut steel which I spray painted gold. The pickguard I designed and is acrylic plastic that I  also machined. I also used white vinyl for the glare effect. The star knobs on the front panel I 3D printed using ABS plastic. Her cutie mark on the back is also a vinyl decal that I drew up and machined.

It is fully functional and does actually play, the jack is on the side of the book. As I am not a guitarist I'm unable to shred on it like it deserves but If I get the opportunity to get a video up on its sound quality, I will!

I also had the awesome opportunity to see Tara Strong at Fan Expo in September and even got her to sign it! So yes, her signature on it is real! She was fantastic to see and told so many hilarious stories during her panel!

If you're interested in a commission, message me or email me at
I do more than just custom guitars! Always up for a new project! Drop a message and we'll talk.

I am currently in college and hurting for income, I would appreciate any opportunity to make something!

Patreon here!:

The other two guitars I made!: Rainbow Dash Bass Guitar  and Applejack Bass Guitar:

Neck and hardware are from a Telecaster Kit. 

Joint: Bolt-on

Body: Spruce

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Maple

Scale Length: 25.5"

Fret: 21

Control: 1V, 1T, 3-Way Selector

Pickups: S-S

Hardware: Chrome and ABS Plastic

Bridge: Tele Type

Pickguard: 3-Ply Black - Red - White

Strings are "Aurora" Brand, I used both Purple and White.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust respectively.

Any questions, just ask! /)
Berry Punch Booze Advent Calendar by Phoenix0117
Berry Punch Booze Advent Calendar
Sooooo I maybe had an idea and then ponified myself an alcoholic advent calendar... Welp, at least the count down to christmas is gonna be a fun one xD

I didn't draw the pictures used, only resized them for my Advent Calendar.
Even though it's a little bare at the moment, it'll soon have content! Starting with my guitars!


Rainbow Dash T-Shirt (Available for Hoodie or other clothing, even pillows!)
Rainbow Dash The Flying Angel T-Shirt by Phoenix0117
Rainbow Dash The Flying Angel by Phoenix0117
This is the final product of my Rainbow Dash T-Shirt! Note me if you're interested in buying anything! I'm happy to use my designs on anything so if you can think it I'll do my best to make it possible! (Price depends on exactly what you want so don't be shy and ask!) 
Vinyl Scratch Hoodie
Rainbow Dash The Flying Angel T-Shirt by Phoenix0117
Rainbow Dash The Flying Angel by Phoenix0117
I am currently making a dubtastic Vinyl Scratch Hoodie. I'll put up pictures of it once I'm finished. I used images from my last shirt as an example for what I create and use to make the Shirts/Hoodies. (The Point commission for this is inaccurate as I don't particularly want points :P Note me if you're interested in buying anything!)


Phoenix0117's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I make and remake things to see what I can do with them. How I can improve them. How I can turn a picture into something physical. Creation in my mind, is the key to the world, and creating the perfect key intrigues me to no end. I'm not a veteran at designing or drawing. I simply do what I want and what I can.
I love to create things whether they’re 2D or 3D.
I want the world who appreciates art and design to see and share their opinions on my work.
I want to become a terrific artist and designer and I'm starting here. With all of you.
Designing, recreating, painting, CNC/CAM/CAD projects are what I'm best at and that is what most of my content will be. Let me know what you guys would like to see too! Please share your opinions and critisism! Its welcome!

I also have a patreon! Check it out if you like what I'm doing!

Also, ANY AND ALL pieces I do belong to their respective creator! Hasbro owns My little Pony I clearly do not.

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